Will stopping the ejaculation have some bad effect?

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while masturbating at the time of ejaculation i stop it by blocking the tube of my penis.
will this act result in to some problem after wards like rupturing the tube , problem in urinating or some thing else….

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    take care

  2. DR + Mrs Bears face says:

    the squeeze method is to get yourself to the point of ejaculation and squeeze the base of the penis till the erection goes down.
    repeat this several times and on the fourth or fifth time allow yourself to ejaculate.
    this will make you less likely to be a premature ejaculator.

  3. •• TONY •• says:

    If you block your urethra, your semen is forced into your bladder where it mixes with urine and is expelled next time you pee. Doing this occasionally will not cause a problem (but why do you want to?). However, if you continually do this every time you have an orgasm, it may lead to permanent retrograde ejaculations, which may cause problems when you eventually want to expel your semen naturally, like when you want to be a father, for example.

  4. VT Fan says:

    I stop it for a sec sometimes myself. I dont think it would hurt you, but im no doc.

  5. Best Korea says:

    I wouldn’t do it if I were you. You could hurt yourself really badly. I don’t think any serious damage would be done though.

  6. fhb says:

    When ejaculation starts then why are u stopping. Let it go to its destination and btw dont u have girl friend?

  7. Colors says:

    yes your sperm goes into your bladder then
    The next time you pee it is pee plus semen
    Better not do this,

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