When does ejaculation stop in men & women?

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I read that ejaculation in men gradually diminishes with age starting at about 40 and usually stops around age 70. If this is true with men then women must stop earlier due to menopause. What do you think.


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  • what age do men stop having orgasms
  • what age do men stop having ejaculating
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7 Responses to When does ejaculation stop in men & women?

  1. Ajit says:

    I think you are reaching your Menopause and worried about your erection. it all depends person to person,

    There women who have become pregnant in 60′s there men who have fathered child when they were above 70′s
    so ultimately what is your intention. to scre..w more before it gets over.

  2. Lillian says:

    Do you mean fertility? It stops in women after menopause, but in men it just gets less and less throughout life but never goes away.

    As for ejaculation in men, I work at a personal care home and we had a 90 year old resident that would jack off every morning (and you couldn’t ask him to stop bc he wouldn’t remember the next day, he had Alzheimer’s)

    And like orgasm, as long as you have sex you can orgasm. It just takes longer for women to get wet when they’re older & some men can’t get it up. But that’s why they make lube and Viagra. And the more sex men have the higher their testosterone which will make them want to have more sex. With all things ok we can pretty much have sex (and finish) until we die.

    I hope I helped lol :)

  3. Mrs. C says:

    Sexual science has done everything it can (primarily watch college people screw) to say that women are exactly the same in sex as men.

    It is absolutely, positively NOT necessary for a women to ‘ejaculate’ to become pregnant. While Hugh Hefner may disagree … sex is for procreation. And nature does not require much that does not facilitate its purpose. Therefore … I would think when the ovaries dry up … all other functions necessary for pregnancy would also.

    ** Do not confuse vaginal moisture from arousal with ‘ejaculation’ from an orgasm. If ‘ejaculation’ even really exists with women.

  4. puppysyndrome says:

    Not true!
    It doesn’t stop! There may not be as much but it doesn’t stop.
    With women, there may be more vaginal dryness after menopause but that can be easily rectified with lubricant and HRT Creams. Sometimes if men have to be put on blood pressure medication it can cause erectile dysfunction so if they’re not getting and maintaining erections, then there probably won’t be ejaculation happening………but it’s not a general thing that happens with age.

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  7. Smile ! says:

    very sorry, can’t help you there
    i have not even started

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