Squeezing the penile shaft to stop ejaculation?

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What is the harm/effect of squeezing the penile shaft to stop ejaculation when you masturbate? I was experimenting many times and I am pretty sure now I have damaged something (nerves? urethra?) etc. I have no idea. But my penis and erection doesn’t feel the same anymore. And at night it seems to hurt around the perineum area, like a pressure and when I go to urinate, some urine leaks out later on. Overall just uncomfortable. :[
stupid me….
thank you very much for the response so far esp anna and man. i researched the retrograde ejaculation and thank god it is not happening by itself. and i have stopped forcing ejaculation to stop a long while back.
i just want to know what it is… i’ve been having this trouble for about 3-4 years… and my doctor recently transferred me over to see a urologist, i HOPE it is a fixable problem…
i can still ejaculate and everything. it just feels as if there’s some sort of pressure(discomfort) in my urethra and perineum.


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6 Responses to Squeezing the penile shaft to stop ejaculation?

  1. man darin says:

    Yup, Anna is spot on.

    If you stop ejaculation the semen is forced backwards under great pressure.

    It either forces the bladder sphincter or more likely semen is forced back into tubes to testes carrying bacteria and causing nasty infections.

    Don’t do it.

    Yes I know some men use it to control ED but they can end up Sterile.


  2. Anna says:

    DON’T do this. It can cause retrograde ejaculation, which can cause infections and overall is just not a good thing.

    Basically what retrograde is…when you stop your ejaculation, the semen has to go somewhere. And since it can’t take the direction it’s supposed to take – out – it goes in the opposite direction, back inside your body.

  3. prwagner3 says:

    No harm. In fact, I’ve found that it increases the pleasure.

  4. shailesh says:

    You may block the blood supply that could damage the tissues.

  5. Joe says:

    Yes, very stupid you.

  6. alialoggi says:

    This is a technique that is used to make sex last longer, so you probably didn’t do long term damage. Go see a urologist if you are unsure. Maybe, its not related, so you should get it checked out.

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