How can a husband hold himself from ejaculation to early while making love with his wife?

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prventing early ejaculation when making love

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  1. Jay says:

    I just wrote about this in my sex blog, "How to prevent from premature ejaculation." Feel free to read it at and let me know if it helps.

  2. Crystal says:

    He can pull out and you can give him some oral threapy. Then insert him agian, then pull out. This can work various ways. To help you get the most out your sexual moments.

  3. Kaja says:

    think of something non sexual to hold yourself back

  4. me4tennessee says:

    I don’t even try to hold it back! I just let it go and then continue to pleasure my wife with my hands and mouth. Then in about 5 to 10 minutes I am up and ready to go again and then I last much longer than she needs me to!

    So what I am saying is knock one off fast then go on to round two!

  5. L H says:

    practice, to do so you use the same muscle that stops and starts a urine stream. Try working this muscle out from time to time while not doing either and it will give you more control.

  6. waynesworld says:

    comes with age

  7. fields_wc says:

    well theres a few things people say to try but for myself i found that if i reach behind myself and give my balls a good squeeze it will stop the sensation for me, the harder u squeeze the longer u can go. my wife thinks i’m a porn stud now. good luck hope it works for u too, ur wife will enjoy it.

  8. SRK says:

    this is also true for women …. but it is very common in both and men …..

    there are good medicines available … in both homepathy and allopathy …. ask him to consult a specialist ….

    making love in certain poses also helps it a lot …

  9. Tom S says:

    gerk off before you get in bed with her… try it… it might work for you.

  10. oracleofohio says:

    By squeezing the… know….at the base with your thumb and finger…. when you feel like you’re going to……you know. Let the sensation pass and then go at it again. I read this trick somewhere long ago and use it to drive my husband insane. It works.

  11. Hammy says:

    Besides the lotions/rubs it takes some practice. Slow down and take your time with the whole process. Don’t penetrate too soon. Play around the area, rub her body, enjoy the "foreplay". When you feel like you are starting to get close, stop completely. Kiss her, smell her, or whisper in her ear a little. When you have backed down some, then resume motion. If you can get her to help out, a little bj action before the action can help too. If you’ve already c um once the second time is usually much slower.

  12. jiggywalker2008 says:

    Think of something else.

  13. ZCT says:

    There are certain rub on lotions that are supposed to help slow things down.

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